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FUSION Three Gold Bangle

FUSION- the iconic collection, which debuted as a series of rings, has expanded to include bangles and earrings

FUSION celebrates seamless collaboration among different elements to form stunning combinations
Crafted in 18 kt. rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, these precious metals come to represent the colours of the four seasons. Yellow is the warmth of spring and summer, rose is the Autumnal hues of a Scandinavian forest and white recalls a pristine winter landscape, the sparkle of snow in the moonlight.

The exact dimensions of the end and centre pieces are executed with precision so that the three FUSION pieces join perfectly to make a strong, beautiful statement. Unique perfection.

The bangle fastens securely with a spring lock.

Design Year: 2009
Design Inspired by Nina Koppel's FUSION collection
Materials: 18 kt. yellow gold, white gold, rose gold

Available in Small and Medium

Size: Medium

Price: £4,500.00