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Pearl and Diamond Chain MAN9RG

18ct Rose Gold

A sumptuous array of Akoya and Tahitian Pearls on an 18ct Rose Gold interspersed with diamonds. Matt Aminoff Tahitian and Akoya pearl jewellery collections incorporate the finest pearls with diamonds of minimum G colour and VVS clarity, mounted in 18ct gold.

Tahitian pearls, harvested primarily throughout the French Polynesia, are available in a vast range of dark colours from rich black to silver, with tones of green, blue and pink. Sizes range between 8 – 18mm and some pieces can be very rare depending on colour shade, size, lustre, shape and lack of marking.

Akoya Pearls, harvested off Japanese coasts, are considered the most iconic species of cultured pearls. Ranging in size from 4 – 10mm, they are available in various shades of white; from cream to silver-pink and pink.

18ct Rose Gold

80cm Length

Pearl Type:     Akoya

Pearl Type:     Tahitian

Pearl Colour:     White and Grey

Diamond Weight: 0.92cts

Price: £5,520.00

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