Richard Cooper Bronzes

Richard Cooper and Company specialises in the design, creation and manufacture of fine art sculptures.  They work with the finest sculptors in their field to produce works across broad and diverse subject matters such as Country Pursuits, British Wildlife, Birds and Stags to name a few.

Richard Cooper Bronze's are produced in fine foundry bronze using the ancient method of lost wax casting,  then finished in the traditional way of patination, where various acids are fired into the surface of the sculpture to create layers of beautiful rich colours.

We specialise in the wildlife sculptures of Michael Simpson whose detailed studies have a natural and emotive appeal. Michael is one of the few sculptors who works in clay, he prefers the medium as it gives him a freedom and capability for modelling small details, it gives his pieces an immediacy and also shows the imprints of his fingers.

The sculptures are all limited edition and come with a certificate of authenticity.